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Licensed Accident & Sickness Insurance Agent
Knowledge - Passion - Experience 

 "Peace of Mind starts with you"

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Your ability to earn an income is of the utmost importance, in the event that you get injured or become sick. We want to ensure that all Families are protected against the unforeseen and sometimes inevitable circumstances that lead to injury or illness. 


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Pietra Fourie is a proud member of BNI.

She is Currently the President of BNI Excellence and she holds the Accident & Sickness seat in this chapter.  

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Did you know....

Key Features & Benefits

- No Medical Exam 

- Affordable Coverage 

- Flexible Coverage Options 

- Easy to Apply  

Help protect your paycheck if you

get sick or injured

and can’t work.

Disability Insurance

is an easy and affordable way to protect your income—and your lifestyle—if you become injured

or ill and are unable to work.

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